Monday, October 24, 2011

Small Ulta Haul

Hey Gorgeous Girlies!
I recently went to the grand opening of the first Ulta near where I live. My Ulta blues will be gone now!
I didn’t get many things, I really just went to look around.

No your eyes are not going crazy! I got Revlon’s Carbonite! My Ulta had a full display! I was super excited. I've worn it already, but didn’t take pictures. Sad smile
I also got a permanents polish from Revlon called No Shrinking Violet. It looks like a really pretty fall shade. I haven’t tried it yet.
I also wanted to try out some essence things. Since it was so cheap, I got three eyeliners!I got the:
  • Black Mania Carbon Black Eyeliner pen.
  • Black Mania Carbon Black Gloss Eye Pencil
  • Metallic Eye pencil in Iron goddess

That’s what I picked up at Ulta!
Thanks for reading,
* Sorry if the setup of this post looks strange. I'm playing around with some settings*

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